About Us
Know a little more about Accutech Engineers

Our Mission

Excellence in Engineering on one side is considered as a very well defined vision, however to one and all at Accutech, the aphorism provides a license to innovate, simply because the word excellence has no static definition, it is relative and continually evolving.

We at Accutech are visualizing a future with technological excellence, keeping in pace with changing concepts, global innovations and technological excellence. We wish to sharpen our focus in areas to be leading player embracing technological innovation and developments to leave footprints as pioneers of upcoming technologies.

Energy conservation, clean environment and pollution free world shall be our contributory endeavor for a healthy global environment.

What We Are

Highly skilled team utilizing the latest technologies at Accutech is committed to delivering a manufacturing and turning process that is fully controlled and managed to meet the quality and specific requirements and tolerances expected by our individual customers since 2004 Utilization of latest technologies is the key to get sharp accuracy, to get your concepts quick for production as fast and efficiently as possible, time saving and ultimate cost savings.

There for Accutech Engineers is known for their good and satisfied quality work, and the symbol of Accutech Engineers is known for the symbol of accuracy. Accutech is now looking towards forward integration and global tie up to ensure better technological input and wider coverage of global markets.

Why Accutech?

  • Quality control
  • Understand customer requirements
  • Utilization of latest technologies
  • Fully control management
  • Great support
  • On time delivery
  • Fast developments of components & flexibility in planning.
  • Strong capability
  • Cost Efficiency and Higher Productivity
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) Manufacturing Systems
  • Just In Time (JIT)Manufacturing Systems
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Comprehensive Product Design & Development capability